Other than ordering from an online company that will have to ship to you we are the only place in Lawrence county that you will find a tomahawk at. These steaks average 2.5-3lbs each and can easily feed 2-3 people. 

Tomahawk Steak

3 Pounds
  • We handcut these steaks fresh to order. These steaks are aged for a min of 14 days. We dry age our tomahawk sections. All sales are final on these steaks. We know there is no way possible the meat would be bad becuase we monitor our temp and humidity levels consitanly. These steaks have to be butcher papered becuase of their size and we highly recommend using them withing 2-3 days of purchase and that your fridge holds temp at 34 degrees. Anything above 34 degrees shortens shelf life. Once these steaks leave our shop they are then in your care and you assume all liability for them. i.e if you leave them in your vehichle and then stope at several otherstore and get them home and they have sat our for 2-4 hours this can cause spoilage and is not the fault of our company. Also, please ensure you use a proper cooking method for this steak along with any other meat. Most often times problems with meat accure form improper cooking. All this information is given just becuase these steaks are highly expensive and we want you to be completley informed that all sales are FINAL.