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Store Policy


We believe in the individual rights and freedoms of each person. In these trying times all we ask is that you show our staff and other customers respect weather they choose to wear or to not wear a mask. We will NEVER ask vaccination status and we kindly ask that you do the same. We do request that if you are sick to please not enter, and just call or text in your order and we will be more than happy to bring it to your vehicle for you. We welcome everyone and believe in treating every person with kindness and respect our team just asks that you do the same while in our store. Thank you and God Bless. 


If you have placed a call in, text, or online order and do not pick up your order within 24 hours of your chosen time and have not notified us that there is a delay the order will be canceled. After two times of this happening we will not be able to accept another order without a 50% non refundable deposit. 

Return policy

Please note we have zero tolerance for false claims of just wanting to get free stuff. We aren't a big chain store that can afford to take the hit. All sales are final. If you have a legitimate problem though, please come talk to us and we will do our best to make it right and try to solve it. Anything that is wrapped in butcher paper must be used in 3-4 days to guarantee freshness anything past that is use at your own discretion and you assume all liability at that point. Please follow all recommended cooking methods based on the meat. If you cook a 3-inch-thick chuck roast in the instapot for 45 mins and come in saying it is tough, that is a cooking issue and not a meat issue. All our beef grades out USDA choice or higher meaning they are the most tender available

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